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Accent Training

Indira has the knowledge to easily identify what areas need improvement and she

walks you through the process with patience and encouragement. In some cases, I

noticed improvement in my speaking as soon as I wrapped up a session with her.

Tony C // City Council Aide

Native Language: Spanish

Don't Let Your Accent Hold You Back

Non-native speakers of English may be frequently misunderstood or even judged because of

their accent.  Unfortunately, research shows they are viewed as less credible and competent than

they really are.  Difficulty with pronunciation can lead to frustration, less confidence speaking,

and fewer career opportunities.  If these issues sound familiar to you, we can help.

We Have The Right Accent Program For You
The truth is that everyone is capable of speaking English with clarity and precision, regardless of their age or background. Though some people may have a better "ear" for language than others, all it takes is the right mindset and time to practice.

We create customized individual and group courses that will fit your schedule and budget. Sessions are typically once a week and take place at our centrally-located office in San Diego or online via Zoom.
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Individual Accent Training

For the most personalized approach with the fastest results, choose one of our one-on-one accent training programs.

Our Individual Courses Include:

Comprehensive assessment of your accent and speech patterns

Written personalized accent goals 

Pre- and post-assessment reports to measure progress

Customized e-learning site with training materials and

audio files

Tailored pronunciation practice of your own industry-specific vocabulary

Flexible scheduling for in-person or Zoom training sessions

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Group Accent Training

For a fun, collaborative, budget-friendly approach, join one of our group accent training programs.

Our Group Courses Include:

General assessment of your accent and speech patterns

Written personalized accent goals for each group member

Sessions cover common problems with intonation, stress,

and linking, as well as common speech sound issues

Time provided for each member's personalized goals

Customized e-learning site with training materials and audio files

In-person or Zoom training sessions

Our groups consist of no more than 4 people. You can form your own group or we will place you in one.

We know how difficult it can be for our clients to find the time to work on their accent. To make your practice easier, we provide an e-learning platform that is tailored to your specific needs. The site is mobile-friendly so it’s easy to access your practice materials whether you are on a business trip or just on the go. For our accent groups, it's also a great way to communicate and support each other. 

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