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Speech and Voice Coaching

Indira coached me in ways to connect to my audience, helped me use body language and facial expressions more effectively, and gave me tips on my delivery and enunciation.  She has a way of making a speech more personal but in a very concise way.   I highly recommend Indira to anyone who wants to improve their speaking or presentation skills.

James V // Physician

Native Language: Spanish

Develop a Powerful Vocal Presence

Good verbal communication is an essential skill in the workplace because it sets the tone for how people perceive you. Our speech and voice training programs will help you use your voice to make an impact. We teach you how to project your voice and speak in a clear, concise manner so you can express yourself authentically and connect to your listeners.

Our speech and voice courses include:

Comprehensive assessment of your speech, voice, and nonverbal language patterns

Written personalized training goals

Elimination of bad vocal habits (e.g., talking too quickly or softly, vocal fry, upspeak, rambling,

use of fillers like "um" and "like")

Techniques for improved vocal projection, speech clarity, and use of facial expressions/gestures

Tailored practice to suit your speaking needs, such as preparation for presentations and interviews.

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