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Corporate Training


Being able to speak clearly and be understood are important skills to have in my position.

I am grateful that my company is giving me the opportunity to improve my English accent with Indira. Our lessons are invaluable and have been a great learning experience for me. 


Reggie M // Project Manager, Civic Financial Services

Native Language: Tagalog

We Can Help Your Employees and Your Company Thrive

Do you have employees that are highly skilled at their job but lack good communication skills?  Do they have difficulty expressing their ideas to colleagues or making connections with clients?  In today's globalized business environments, it is essential to have employees who can communicate with ease.   BeyondClear can provide the extra support they need to become effective assets to your team. 

Employee Training Programs
We offer customized accent and speech programs for individuals and groups as well as employee workshops at your site.  Individuals can be seen in person or online; groups can be seen at our office or at your location if you are in the San Diego metro area.
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Accent Training

We provide accent training for individuals or groups (maximum of 3 people).

Training Benefits

Increased clarity of speech

Improved pronunciation of industry-specific vocabulary

Enhanced understanding of American English

Fewer misunderstandings and greater ease of communication

Clear and fluid delivery during presentations, meetings, phone calls and videoconferences.

Sessions can be provided at your location, our San Diego office, or online for individual employees.

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Speech and Voice Coaching

We offer speech and voice coaching for individuals.

Coaching Benefits

Elimination of bad vocal habits (e.g., talking too quickly or softly, vocal fry, upspeak, rambling, use of fillers)

Improved vocal projection and speech clarity

Enhanced use of facial expressions, hand gestures, and body language


More engaging and energetic delivery during presentations and meetings

Sessions can be provided at your location or our San Diego office.

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We offer accent and voice workshops that can be tailored to your needs.  


Common English pronunciation errors and how to fix them

How to maximize your communication for clear and engaging presentations

Vocal empowerment for women: using pitch, intonation and nonverbal language to communicate confidence and authority

Formats range from one hour of skill building to a comprehensive  half-day workshop.

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